September 2017
Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre,
Muscat, Oman

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Oman Office Show 2015
Day 1: 14th September 2015
Moving to a new generation of office technology and automation

12:00 Moving towards a digital enterprise
  • Implementing a paperless management of enterprise content
  • Enhancing accountability and speed through process automation
  • Discussing the advantages of and precautions to be taken with cloud systems
  • Collaboration within Enterprise 2.0
Bijith Ahmed, Director & Co-Founder, Aufait Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

12:20 Maximising employee productivity through a healthy and safe environment
  • Discouraging the use of harmful carcinogenic components in paints
  • Understanding the impact of organic compounds and fumes on health
Rajarshi Banerjee, Head of Marketing & Sales, Asian Paints

12:40 Evolving Office Furniture with Keyless Locking Solutions
  • Moving away from keys to keyless
  • Numeris® enables storage options flexibility to adapt to the evolving workspace
  • Flexible Workspaces with RFID access
Marc Tijdgat, Director of Business Development EMEA, Digilock Europe BV

13:30-16:00 Lunch Break

17:00 Why is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Crucial for Your Business
  • How to Choose CRM for your Business?
  • Why Choose Cloud CRM?
Jojo Varghese, Business Development Executive, Gulf Infotech LLC

17:20 Lets focus on Email Productivity
  • Types of Email Solutions
  • Increasing Email Security
  • Why adopt a Cloud Based Email Solution?
  • Being Productive with Emails
Yahya Zakir Sait, Sr. Cloud Solutions Expert, Gulf Infotech LLC

17:40 The Most Profitable SMEs Choose Microsoft Cloud - WHY NOT YOU!
  • What is cloud computing?
  • Why not you?
  • Cloud Benefits
  • Office 365, Windows Azure, EMS, CRMOL
Robin D’souza, Partner Channel Development Manager, Microsoft Oman

End of Seminar Day 1

Oman Office Show 2015
Day 2: 15th September 2015
Understanding the importance of quality interior design at the workplace

11:30 Determining the future trends in Office Furniture
  • Understanding what is new in furniture technology and finishing market in Oman
Bani Dey, Sales & Marketing Manager, International Golden Furniture

11:50 Understanding the correlation between interior design and employee productivity
  • How does productivity increase with the immediate surroundings of an employee?
  • Analysing the positive impact that can be obtained with a customized interior design
Vinod Mangat, Industry Specialist

12:10 Seeking out the advantages of customized room fit-outs and furniture – Case study on the success with the Hilton Group
  • Demonstrating a perfect balance of personalized choice of design with distinction in quality
  • Showcasing the cost effectiveness of customized furniture both in the short and long term
  • Minimising the risk of degradation of product due to the materials used in customized furniture as opposed to mass production
John Clarke, Business Development Manager, Kottoor International

12:30 Materials handling and storage solutions
  • Maximising workspace efficiency by minimizing space
Savio Pinto, Asst Sales Manager, Al Hashar Group

13:30-16:00 Lunch Break

17:00 Workplace of the Future

  • Moving to an exciting place of work that enhances employee morale and productivity
Patrick Taylor, General Manager, HNI International

17:20 Going the extra mile to include creative office design and spacing through demountable partitions
  • Moving away from tight work stations and claustrophobic environments
  • Implementing efficient communication channels through effective work space
Faris Rihawi, Manager, VISTA Systems for Partitions

End of Seminars
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